We provide Japanese course for Lunch and Dinner.


 * Price is always less than \1,500 for Lunch and \2,000 for Dinner.

 * Dishes are changeable daily and/or seasonally.


We hope that the following menu of a recent day would be a good reference for you.


Lunch \1,300

(Tax included)

Menu as of Oct. 2015


Tofu, Shirasu salad 

* Tofu: soybean curd.  Shirasu: the young of the sardine 

 Side dish 1 

Boiled Japanese yam

* Japanese yam: like potato 

 Side dish 2 


* a savory steamed egg custard with assorted ingredients 

 Main dish  

both served

Sashimi plate (2 kinds) 

Tempura plate (several kinds) 

* Served with steamed rice and Japanese soup 

Dinner course is basically the same as Lunch except with an additional small item or more quantity.

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