Wadazuka 和田塚

Long and long time ago, there were struggles for power here in Kamakura.  Wadazuka is the grave for the Wada family who lost in the fight.  WADA (family name) + ZUKA (burial mound) is now the name of the station, too.

Kamakurabori Gallery 鎌倉彫工芸館

This is a Wadazuka Craft Gallery operated by Kamakurabori-co-op, which opened several museums and gallery in Kamakura city.  You can see the professional craftsman's works and buy them if you want.  They give a brochure written in English at the gallery.  It is right in front of Wadazuka graves.




Beach is also near from here. Fisherman, birds, surfers, everyone shares this ocean.  It's seemed that Mt. Fuji is seeing our beach when the sky is clear.




A walk as the after-meal exercise from Fujii would be good. Kamakura is a nice place to walk around seeing here and there.  Next to Fujii, a lovely old-fashioned building stands still which were a bank long time ago.


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Kamakura map

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